Feedback Thoughts

Feedback is a mixed bag for me. I feel like in general, I receive it fairly well. Probably about half the time I acknowledge the truth in the feedback and keep it in mind for the future. The other half of the time, I don’t agree with it and brush it off as wrong. When […]

Topic Brainstorm

Naga I know nothing of the true mythology surrounding Naga. Previously, I had only heard of them in Blizzard’s Warcraft series where they are a race of elves who formed a pact with an ancient god. In doing so they took the form of serpent people. They are typically portrayed as mostly evil creatures, but […]

Week 2 Story: Goblin Town

EDIT: This story is now part of my project portfolio. Read the up to date story at Rain thunders down onto the deck of the ship as it tumbles through the rough waters. A man rushes around, shouting orders to crew members, his voice drowned out by the howling winds. A groan echos through […]

Week 2 Reading Overview

Next week I will be reading the Tiny Tales Ramayana. Narayan’s Ramayana sounds interesting to me, but I’d rather not pay the $13 for it. I’m not sure I’d enjoy how the anthology switches writing styles. Tiny Tales sounds interesting and is free. It will also serve as a good example of micro-stories if I […]

Class Technology

While I haven’t done much blogging in the past, all of it has been on WordPress which is why I chose it as my platform. I’ve also done a little bit of management for a site OU IT hosts through WordPress, so I’m familiar with some of the advanced features it has available. I’ve done […]

First Impressions of Assignments

The assignments in this class are quite unalike any class I’ve had before. The blogging I did for classes in the past was essentially micro-research papers where we would find sources and read about a topic then do a 1-2 paragraph write up on it. There was no interacting with other student’s blogs and while […]

Thoughts on Growth Mindset

The term Growth Mindset is new to me and most of the concept is as well. There is a piece of it that I am familiar with however, and that is that people who have always been told they’re smart tend to do poorly at a university level and especially so in universities with high […]